Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the sequel to the 2015 spy movie that starred Taron Egerton and Colin Firth saving the world from in a type of way that we have never really seen before in spy movies. I didn’t particularly love the original Kingsman because it just could never get around the satirical nature that the movie embodies. It couldn’t decide if it was a high-quality spy movie or a cheap gimmick satirical film such as the Sharknado franchise. It seems that this uniqueness in the style is what made it as popular as it was and Director Matthew Vaughn promised to make the second installment bigger and wilder so I felt that I had to give it another shot.

The Bad

I really want to like this franchise but after seeing the second one I think it is just not my style of movie. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is really messed up guys. I don’t want to spoil it all but since it has already been out for 3 1/2 weeks I will throw a couple of things out there to make my point. For starters, there are so many disturbing graphic scenes in the movie that had me cringing. They literally grind and dude and cook burgers with the eat. That’s messed up. The people with the blue rash disease are super disturbing and we see quite a few decapitation or bodies being ripped in half. It’s a really weird film y’all.

Aside from all of the disturbing imagery, I thought the scenery and cinematography felt very synthetic and poorly done. All of the backgrounds were very fake and heavy on the CGI. The whole movie, in fact, is loaded with rather poor CGI effects in nearly every scene. This movie, to me, was not the kind of movie that is a real visual eye pleaser; it aims to be more of a chaotic, mind-disorienting masterpiece. Unfortunately, I don’t think it really succeeded.

I also found the movie to be very predictable. They gave away one of the biggest spoilers in the trailers (the fact that Colin Firth’s character would return), and all of the other so-called “twists” were pretty predictable throughout. I was completely unsurprised with everything that went on with Agent Whisky in the movie, which was supposed to be one of the bigger plot points. Just in general the writing felt pretty sloppy and thrown together.

The Good

My favorite part of the Kingsman movies is the characters, by far. The villains were both pretty weak in the two movies but I really love the other main characters. One of the reasons that I really wish that I loved these movies is because of how much I love Taron Egerton’s character Eggsy. He is every bit as witty, clever, and funny as he was in the first movie, and his action sequences are probably even better than in the first. Colin Firth and Mark Strong are also excellent once again and I also really enjoyed Channing Tatum in his small role as one of the Statesmen.

Though the fight scenes were extremely obnoxious and loaded with CGI, they were still pretty cool. There are a solid 6 or 7 really cool fight scenes in this movie that got my attention. Just another reason why I wish this film was so disturbing, because I may have really liked it.

The Rating

In my opinion, this franchise needs a bit of a makeover if it is going to be successful going forward. Firstly, the Kingsman franchise makes director Matthew Vaugh seem like he is some paranoid psychopath just looking to make people cringe in their seats. Unfortunately, I know that he has already confirmed that he is directing a third movie that will be announced in the future. For the third installment to be successful, he really needs to look more towards high-quality visuals and imagery rather than cheap gimmicks and big booms. This movie is very entertaining and hard to forget quickly, so I’ll give it that.


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