Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is directed by Steven Soderbergh, a fairly well-known director who’s most notable projects to date were likely the Oceans movies. Every since I saw the first trailer for this movie I was intrigued by the idea. It has an all-star cast and a decent idea, what more do you need to make a good movie?

The Bad

In my opinion, Logan Lucky is a classic case of a movie trying to be too creative and original. The storytelling, the writing, the cinematography; it was all just weird. The cinematography especially bothered me though. There we just some really awkward camera shots that had me thinking “Wow, that’s a weird camera shot.”

Sure this movie has an extremely strong leading cast, but the supporting actors and actresses are straight-up garbage to be brutally honest. There were a couple of actors that legitimately bother me. A woman comes in near the end of the movie and is like an FBI agent trying to figure out who robbed Charlotte Motor Speedway (Spoiler: sorry not sorry). You can tell she is trying to be the strong independent FBI agent and she just tries way too hard. It’s like she knows she only has 20 lines and she is trying to make each one as intense as possible. Her performance and the performance of a couple other side actors are borderline intolerable.

So everywhere I look it seems like the only genre Logan Lucky falls into is comedy. That is probably accurate but the problem with that is that its not really that funny nor does it really try to be. Sure, I laughed a few times but they were more like chuckles than laughter. Point is, don’t go to this movie if you are just looking for laughs. It is also kind of hard to follow at times because the plot tries to go in a few different directions at a time without giving the audience the full array of details for any of them.

The Good

I actually kind of liked the concept of the movie. Some West Virginia hicks decide to pull off a big heist and hire an incompetent crew but somehow get it done anyway. It was a fun concept and could have been extremely funny if written a little better. However, I did think the screenwriters did a decent job with the details of the heist. I don’t know how we as the audience are expected to believe that the two main characters planned it out as perfectly as they did, but it was really well thought out by the writers. So as far as the details of the plot goes, Logan Lucky is actually fairly clever.

Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Seth McFarlane, Katie Holmes, and Riley Keough. That’s a pretty solid list of names to be starring in a movie. They all did fine, and I enjoyed most of their performances. However, it really seemed like most of them were pretty bland characters, which again kind of points back to the writers.

The ending of this movie was oddly satisfying to tell you the truth. Right when you think Jimmy Logan was doing the right thing, you find out at the end that he did in fact keep some of the money for himself and everyone else involved in the heist. So in the end they are still all criminals, but I was still happy with the way it wrapped up for some reason.

The Rating

This is the second time this year the I am definitely not on the same page as the critics. Logan Lucky is getting a 93% on RT right now which I think makes this movie incredibly overrated. Granted, that number can be a bit misleading since the average score is only 7.5/10. Overall, I would say this movie is one of those movies that is just going to be hit or miss. You may love it, but there is really know way to know if it’s your type of movie unless you see it for yourself. I for one, did not love it. One word to describe Logan Lucky for me: “eh”.





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