The Lego Batman Movie

This movie is really different from many movies I am used to seeing. So different in fact, that during the movie I began to think “There’s no way I will be able to use my typical review format for this one.” This is because there are many times in The Lego Batman Movie where things just get really silly and stupid but it’s all on purpose to get laughs. It is not a movie that tries to showcase super high-quality animation or a powerful storyline. It is all about its jokes and pop-culture references to make people laugh. So I am just going to share some of my random thoughts about the movie.

First of all, this is an extremely funny movie. It is literally telling jokes from the opening black screen until the final fade to white. There are so many pop culture references and silly jokes that I am sure I missed a few of them. I absolutely loved all of the references to the rest of the DC Universe and even the Marvel Universe. It also made references to all of the old Batman movies going all the way back to the 1960s. Not only that, they included characters like Voldemort and The Eye of Sauron from other popular movie franchises.

I really think that Chris McKay and the rest of the crew tried to model The Lego Batman Movie about as much off of Deadpool as they could. It really had that kinda of sarcastic comedy feel to it and I ended up having a good time with it. Batman just had this on going dialogue with himself throughout that was quite similar to Deadpool, though he didn’t exactly choose to break the 4th wall.

I was not a huge fan of the ending to be honest. Gothem City starts to be pulled apart and the citizens link together and pull it back into place. Joker was the main villain in the film and his main motivation throughout was simply to get Batman to admit the he is Batman’s greatest enemy. There was some really weird dialogue between the two about their relationship as arch enemies. Parts of the whole dynamic were funny, but some other parts were a little over-the-top. The plot as a whole was pretty thin and uninteresting as a result. Who really cares about the plot in a movie like this anyway though? We just want it to be funny and it answers the call.

The Rating

I’d say most people know what types of movies that they typically enjoy, and what type of movies to stay away from. If you are the type of person that enjoys a silly comedy with little-to-no plot line but lots of laughs, you will almost certainly enjoy The Lego Batman Movie. These types of movies aren’t for everyone though, so if it isn’t your thing I would caution you to stay away from it because it may be a long 100 minutes for you if you don’t.


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