Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

The sequel to an less than stunning but definitely action packed movie starring Tom Cruise doing Tom Cruise things. The character of Jack Reacher comes from the novel series by Lee Child. Never Go back is the 18th book out of 21 in the current series.

The Bad

Geez Tom Cruise looks old. He takes his shirt off in a couple scenes and it really just makes remember that he is 54. That’s not what makes this movie below average though. The main reason why Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is so underwhelming is because of how it really struggles to grip the audiences intrigue or emotion. In contrast from the woman behind me in the theater who wouldn’t stop commentating about every little thing, I never really bought into the movies effort to synthesis emotional attachment to the characters by adding in the fact that Jack Reacher had to watch this little girl throughout the whole movie and protect her from the bad dudes as well. Also, there wasn’t much in terms of investigation scenes in this installment of the Jack Reacher series. I enjoy mystery films myself and I loved some of the investigation scenes from the first movie. This film was all pretty much about running and fighting; nothing else to it.  Couple all that with the less-than-stellar supporting actors and it just makes for an all around average movie.

The Good

There are still some cool scenes that are really action packed and intense. I was a fan of the scene in New Orleans where Captain Espin comes to catch Jack but then gets ambushed and Jack has to save him but taking out like 5 heavily armed/trained bad guys. Really though, other than some solid action scenes here and there it was just not a very compelling story in general.

The Rating

I have definitely scene worse in the action movie world but this was not Tom Cruise’s best performance by any means.


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