Suicide Squad

The much anticipated movie follow-up to the DC ratings disaster that was Batman vs. Superman. Suicide Squad begins in the wake of Superman’s death and the US is beginning to wonder how they will protect the city if the next all powerful meta-human doesn’t share the same values that Superman did. They assemble a team of skilled and powerful villains to fight with  soldiers and threaten to kill them if they don’t follow orders. The villains defeat the powerful villain known as Enchantress by fighting not for the city, but for each other.

The Bad

A few quick things of note: I was not pleased with the amount of weird CGI in Suicide Squad. A personal preference of mine in all action movies is the less CGI the better so naturally that caught my idea when watching this film. During the last fight scene with Enchantress it seems that her entire body is computer generated in a situation in which they really didn’t need to. Also, the alien dudes that enchantress created as goons were just flat out stupid looking to say the least. I really feel like DC could’ve done better in regard to all the animation throughout. In addition to that, I was disappointed in the lack of plot development from the onset. It seemed like they just introduced the idea of using villains to fight crime and then the next scene they were already assembled and heading to the fight. It felt like the storyline of the whole movie took place in just a few hours. Also, though this could have been intentional, they failed to give characters such as Boomerang and Killer Croc very much backstory at all. Instead, they focused the majority of the screen time on Harley Quinn and Deadshot.

The Good

The general idea of the movie is pretty decent. I felt like they did a good job connecting everything together and for the first time I felt like the DCEU is actually a thing. I thought most of the characters were well thought out and fun to learn about. I liked Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn but I particularly loved Will Smith as Deadshot. He just seemed to embody the exact character I was looking for to play that role. Diablo was also a favorite of mine. Not quite sure how I feel about Leto’s Joker but I didn’t want to include it in “The Bad” because it isn’t bad as much as it is just different from what I saw with Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal of the villain.

I liked how the movie resolved in the end. It could’ve easy for them to make the audience feel like that all of the villains deserved to be released after their service but for the advancement of the DCEU, they needed to stay incarcerated; at least for now.

The Rating

Overall a very watchable movie. It’s not too long and doesn’t have a lot of wasted time but does have some serious issues. If your not a big fan of the DCEU then watching this probably won’t do much to you. Having said that, it is pretty entertaining and I don’t think anyone will find themselves bored while watching Suicide Squad.


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