X-Men Apocalypse Review

Turns out my WTE article was pretty accurate this time. I set my expectations pretty low and ended up enjoying it more-less. X-Men Apocalypse was about the rise of a character know as Apocalypse that has been trapped under the ground for hundreds of years. He possesses the powers of many mutants because of how many times he has switched to different human vessels. He recruits Magneto, Storm, Angel, and Psylocke to be like his four horseman as he tries to cleanse the earth of all the weak humans. Under the leadership of Professor Xavier and Mystique, and the powerful untapped abilities of Jean Grey, the X-Men are able to stop Apocalypse and kill him for good.

The Bad

Let’s start out with my absolute least favorite thing in the whole movie: Apocalypse. He seriously looked like a villain straight out of a Power Rangers episode (comparison below). He just had this fake, plasticky look that bothered me from the beginning and failed to really strike even an ounce of fear. However, some of the capabilities he possess were pretty cool, such as when he pretty much use dust from a wall to decapitate three dudes, or when he killed like ten workers at once. It’s stuff like that which make me wonder how it is possible for him to have been defeated. They made him seem unbeatable for the longest time, and then at the end they just copped-out had Jean Grey kill him simply by unleashing her immense power. Why, you might ask, didn’t she just do that in the first place and avoid all the unnecessary destruction? Ah, the answer to that question my friends is simple, it is an X-Men movie. One other thing that bothered me slightly was some poor CGI in a few places. It wasn’t super prevalent but it was obvious enough to notice at times. Overall though, the plot was just very average and underwhelming. It seemed like the suspense and level of drama was kept on a straight line throughout, with not much in terms of an obvious climax or rising/falling action.

Apocalypse Power Rangers side by side

The Good

I did enjoy many things about this film. I loved how they are constantly tying things together with the prequel trilogy. Things are starting to make more and more sense to me now, being just an average X-Men fan. An example of this would be how in this movie we find out what causes Professor Xavier to lose his luscious mane. I ending up loving that it was basically an origin story for Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey; even though Jennifer Lawrence took up quite a bit of unnecessary screen time.  The Quicksilver scene that everyone has been raving about was definitely pretty awesome and I loved hearing about how much effort it took to make it. There were other good parts as well but most of them were tainted by something stupid or senseless in the moments following. Unfortunately, I had to take a phone call outside and missed the only Wolverine scene but I heard that was pretty neat. I’m not too sad about it because I won’t have to wait painfully long before his next stand-alone movie comes out next March. The setting and background of X-Men Apocalypse was pretty respectable as per the usual with this franchise and the acting was also something that I don’t really have any complaints about.

The Rating

It turns out that I set my expectations on the perfect level, because the movie seemed to reach them but not surpass them. Just way to light on suspense or plot twists and emotion for me to really stay enamored with the development of the story throughout. It may be worth the watch but if you aren’t one who has seen all the others than I would definitely not mark it down as a “must see”.




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