WTE:Captain America-Civil War

As phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicks off about a month from now with Captain America: Civil War, my excitement is really beginning to mount. I don’t think a lot of people truly understand the impact this movie is going to have on the future Avengers movies.

Let’s start with the general plot. By now everyone saw the rift between Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark form in Age of Ultron. And if you have seen the trailers then you know that the rift will once again resurface in Civil War and force every member of the Avengers (as well as the audience) to choose which side to take. I expect the tension to build throughout, a few little quarrels may ensue to further the division of the two sides, and then at the end there will probably be a large, intense, and probably emotional fight scene that will either open the eyes of everyone involved and bring an end to the division of the Avengers, or force some Avengers to leave forever (possibly a little of both). I would suggest to every man going the movie with his significant other to side Team Cap unless he wants to be single by the end of the night (I’ll explain why later).

I expect many new characters to be introduced throughout the film. Some will be important to the plot and some are just meant to spark interest in their own movies that are coming soon. For example, it is pretty well known that we will get a glimpse of the new Spider-Man, played by 19-year old British actor Tom Holland. However, I do not expect him to play a large role in the plot. In a recent interview Holland said that we will probably see about 10 minutes of Peter Parker and 20 minutes of Spider-Man throughout the film. That is actually quite a bit more than I was originally expecting. Most likely, he will jump into a scene of tension building that might give him a chance to show off how this Spider-Man does a fight scene but will not be involved in the final, most climactic, fight.

We will also get our first look at the Black Panther. Played by Chadwick Boseman, I expect Black Panther to play a pretty big part in building up tension between Steve and Tony. However, I don’t think it will be entirely clear which side he is taking. In a recent interview, Chadwick Boseman wouldn’t really disclose which side (if any) his character takes but does say that Black Panther has some serious beef with Bucky Barnes. It will be interesting to see how his character changes the dynamic between the Avengers we know.

Speaking of characters that aren’t really on a team, Marvel will introduce us to the character Everett K. Ross (played by Martin Freeman). I honestly don’t know a lot about this character except that in the comics he is primarily an ally of Black Panther.

Expect a new villain to emerge that is called Crossbones in the older Marvel Comics. Crossbones is going to be the resurgence Brock Rumlow, a former SHIELD Agent last seen in Winter Soldier. He will be played by Frank Grillo. It’s not really clear how much of an impact he will have on the movie but he will definitely be involved in the development of the conflict.

Expect to see newer characters and lesser used allies such as Ant-Man, Scarlett Witch, War Machine, Vision, and Falcon to all play relatively big roles in the film. However, do not go to the movie hoping to drool over Chris Hemsworth’s massive Thor-ceps because he won’t be in the film. Even though Civil War should intentionally lead into the next Thor installment called Thor: Ragnarok, it has become pretty clear that Thor will be in Asgard for the entirety of Civil War. Also, don’t expect to see Wasp team up with Ant-Man as Evangeline Lilly did not show up on the initial cast list revealed for the film.

I honestly believe that this Captain America: Civil War is going to be the most important movie so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and likely the highest grossing film of 2016, making it a must watch for anyone even a little interested in staying up with the development of The Avengers.

Underneath the trailer there will be a MAJOR SPOILER/Prediction about the outcome of the Marvel civil war. It will contain info that you may not be interested in knowing before the you watch the movie. Decide carefully if you wish to proceed. (Maniacal laughter ensues)










Ok I wanted to make sure that no one reads this by mistake because knowing this expectation unwillingly could change someone’s quality of life. I expect Steve Rodgers/Captain America to be killed. Yes, you did read that correctly. It has become clear to me over the years that Marvel takes the comics very seriously and I don’t expect them to deviate from the result of the original comic book civil war. The other big spoiler is that I expect Bucky Barnes to become the new Captain America at the conclusion of the movie, in honor of his old friend. Similar to Emma Stone’s death in The Amazing Spiderman 2, the departure of fan favorite Chris Evans (especially from the female audience) will likely leave people feeling bitter about what they just witnessed but ultimately it is for the furthering of the franchise as we begin to see Avengers: Infinity War part I on the not-too-distance movie horizon.


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